Accelerating Drug Discovery

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Welcome to Aracari

Aracari’s vascularized microphysiological systems are leading the way in pre-clinical drug testing. Our team of specialists are driven to help accelerate drug discovery. Let our dedicated professionals help your company enhance decision-making and accelerate the development of your drug. Utilizing our patented vascularized micro-tissues, and experience and knowledge of the drug discovery pipeline, Aracari can help your team better understand the biology (mechanism), efficacy, toxicity, and cost of candidate drugs, and thus inform clinical trial design.

The Challenge

Currently, to bring a new drug or biologic to market requires 10-12 years and $2.6B. Of the total development costs, about 60% is spent on human clinical trials, which can take up to 8 years and $1.5B. Despite this significant investment, over 99% of drug candidates ultimately fail due to lack of efficacy or unexpected toxicities. Many of these failures can be directly attributed to the limitations of current pre-clinical testing models.


The Solution

Aracari’s patented Vascularized Micro-Organ (VMOTM), Vascularized Micro-Tumor (VMTTM), and Vascularized Micro-Brain (VMBTM) devices faithfully recreate complex 3D cellular structures embedded in a natural matrix, where oxygen, nutrients, and cells (e.g., leukocytes) are transported through naturally-forming, dynamic, human blood vessels. The result is an enhanced drug discovery pipeline that encourages a “fail early, fail cheap” strategy, and thus significantly reduces costs by more accurately identifying candidate drugs for clinical trial.

Life On a Chip

Learn how our proprietary 3D Vascularized Micro-Organ™ (VMO™), Vascularized Micro-Tumor™ (VMT™) and Vascularized Micro-Brain™ (VMB™) platforms can help launch a new era of drug discovery and precision medicine.