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Vascularized Microtissues Are Our Specialty

Most cells in our body are no farther from a blood vessel than the width of a hair. Blood vessels help pattern tissues and provide them with their nutrients, and since almost all therapeutics — whether small molecules, antibodies, or leukocytes — reach our tissues via blood vessels, no model of tissue-drug interaction is realistic without this supporting vascular network. Our vascularized organ and tumor chips provide more relevant, physiological results for accelerating drug development.

Image of Abraham P. Lee, Ph.D.

Why Use Vascularized Tissues?

Mimic blood flow & permeability of vessels in the body

Ideal for both efficacy & toxicity testing

Deliver nutrients & remove tissue waste

Deliver therapeutics directly to 3D tissues

Recapitulate cross-talk between vessels, stroma, and tissue-specific cells

Transport immune cells, such as leukocytes or CAR-T cells

Explore Our Vascularized Tissue Platforms

Vascularized Micro-Organ (VMO™)​

Image of Perfused Vessels

Aracari’s VMO™ platform is ideal for understanding the physiological responses of vessels to pro- and anti-angiogenic therapies. The composition of the VMO™ also simplifies studies aimed at testing therapy toxicity, both to blood vessels & the surrounding tissues. Key features of the VMO™ include:

  • Human endothelial cells
  • Human stromal cells (pericytes)
  • 3D matrix replicating native vessel matrices
  • And more

Vascularized Micro-Tumor (VMT™)​

Image of vessels and tumor

Aracari’s VMT™ platform is ideal for testing lead compound efficacy in inhibiting tumors growing in a biomimetic environment. Comprised of endothelial & stromal (pericyte) cells, our VMT™ also includes the following human tumors:

  • Colon Cancer (at left)
  • Lung Cancer
  • Customized Tumors of Interest
  • And more

Vascularized Micro-Brain (VMB™)​

Image of Blood Brain Barrier

Aracari’s VMB™ platform is designed to test therapeutic permeability across the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Our VMB  includes:

  • Human endothelial cells
  • Human stromal (pericyte) & glial (astrocyte) cells
  • Enrichment of BBB genes, including Claudin5, Occludin, Glut-1, P-glycoprotein, & MRP4
  • And more

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