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Why Aracari?

When it comes to treating patients, most therapeutics are delivered through the blood vessels, including small molecules, antibodies, and immune cells. This is also true in Aracari’s platforms, where self-assembled human blood vessels not only support tissue growth through delivery of nutrients, but also deliver drugs and cell therapies. Aracari’s vascularized microphysiological systems therefore provide more relevant, physiological data for accelerating drug development.

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Core Service Features

Access to cutting-edge, vascularized microphysiological testing platforms

Personalized expert consultation to reach your project goals using Aracari’s technology

Confidential communication of project objectives & results

Customized downstream read-outs

Oncology Studies

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Aracari’s Vascularized Micro-Tumor (VMT™) platform allows for testing the efficacy of lead compounds in inhibiting tumors growing in a vascularized, biomimetic environment. Our oncology services include:

  • Delivery of therapeutics to tumors via blood vessels
  • Measurement of tumor growth inhibition
  • Tumor occupancy (e.g. T cells, oncolytic virus, etc.)
  • And more

Immuno-Oncology (IO) Studies​

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Aracari’s Vascularized Micro-Tumor (VMT™) platform allows for physiological investigation of IO therapeutics. Our IO services include:

  • Leukocyte vessel adhesion & extravasation
  • Parallel delivery of leukocytes & IO therapies, such as
    monoclonal antibodies & bispecifics
  • Tumor occupancy by T cells, including CAR-Ts
  • Cytokine expression, and more

Blood-Brain Barrier Studies​

Image of the Blood Brain Barrier

Aracari’s Vascularized Micro-Brain (VMB) platform is ideally suited for investigating drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier. Our blood-brain barrier (BBB) services include:

  • Physiological delivery of drugs across the BBB.
  • Tissue toxicities in brain stromal compartment
  • Tissue extraction for qRT-PCR and bulk or single cell RNA seq.
  • And more

Vascular Toxicity & Permeability Studies​

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Our vascularized platforms are ideal for testing therapies for unexpected toxicity before delivery to patients. Our toxicity services include:

  • Drug-induced vessel leak (permeability)
  • Morphological damage to vessel network
  • Apoptotic marker expression (tissue staining)
  • And more

How Aracari is Different

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Other MPS

3D tissues fed by living, human blood vessel network


Drug delivery via perfusable blood vessels


Vascular networks supportive of leukocyte extravasation


Multi-MPS format supportive of parallel drug screening

Non-drug absorbing plastic framework


Research collaboration service

How Aracari is Different​

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