Marianne van der Steen, Ph.D.


Dr. Marianne van der Steen is Professor at the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Maastricht University and part time visiting at University of California Irvine. Marianne is the co-founder and CEO of ReGEN Biomedical BV, developing manufacturing equipment for automated production of tissue-engineered products. She raised EUR 114 million to start the Netherlands RM pilot factory.

She is founding director of the translational regenerative medicine institute REGMED XB. Marianne has raised EUR 250 million to start and scale REGMED XB. Marianne has raised -and together with Biogeneration Ventures (BGV) established- a pre-seed fund FIRST of EUR 10 million and the RegMed XB Public Private Entrepreneurship (PPE) fund of EUR 30 million. She has been granted the prestigious National Growth Fund of EUR 56 million.

Dr. van der Steen interests include all aspects of scaling life sciences ventures, fundraising, international entrepreneurship acting at the interface of life sciences ventures, industry, KOLs, VCs and public policy.