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Sean Couglin, J.D.

Dechert LLP

Sean M. Coughlin focuses his practice on patent law, representing clients in domestic and international patent application preparation and prosecution. Mr. Coughlin advises on matters relating to numerous scientific fields, including biochemistry, biofuels, organic chemistry, nucleic acid diagnostics, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, pharmaceuticals, stem cells and medical devices.

Mr. Coughlin’s academic background in biochemistry is invaluable in providing clients with the most relevant, informed advice regarding their intellectual property matters. His focus while earning an M.A. in biochemistry from Boston University Medical School was conducting cell fractionation studies of adipocyte plasma membranes, and investigating caveolae and their role in signal transduction and cholesterol homeostasis in rat adipocytes and 3T3-L1 adipocytes based upon their protein composition. Mr. Coughlin’s undergraduate research in biochemistry at Brown University also concentrated on the construction of a physical map across the p13 region of human chromosome 9 using yeast artificial chromosomes in search of the locus responsible for cartilage hair hypoplasia, a rare genetic disorder. In addition, his work is published in scientific journals such as the American Journal of Physiology and American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism.